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    Our company has been established in 1974. We are technically engaged in development and manufacture in every kind of plastic net. Aim at the government to produce for move up Taiwan agricultural level, used net for agriculture, forestry, fishing and stock farming. For example, shading net is now already widespreadly accepted. And insect screen netting for papaya is from the product of our company which is the most early development in Taiwan, and regarding HUNKUNNET as the brand. It is accepted the love of the plantation boundary rather to carry.

To provide the best material, we import the newest the automation machine equipments's from Europe, America, Japan etc. From we choose raw material to draw thread and weave net, we all adopt integrated oration. Do more effort on training talented persons and concentrate on research and development. Lately, we announce a series of plastic net. For example, shading net with hanger net cope with typhoon, shading net wi... [more]
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